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Sunshare RV is one of the largest organizations of dedicated professionals in the country able to facilitate privately owned RV’s into local or national emergency and disaster relief aid efforts. SunShare has the centralized system and infrastructure in place to act as a ready conduit for privately owned RV’s currently in storage, sitting in driveways, or simply not being used- to quickly be a functioning part of any relief aid efforts.

The largest supply of these ready types of vehicles resides not at the factories or sales lots- but with private individuals. On demand production capacity of factories and available new inventory at sales lots nation wide pale in comparison to the amount of equipment privately owned and in storage throughout the country.

SSRV will register persons and their RV’s into the system for immediate response whether the disaster is a localized family fire, flooding, etc., or a regional type disaster. RV’s can be readily transported and set up for a companies executive support personnel or an insurance companies response to client lodging. 

Ask us how to register an RV for potential use. Income is determined by the age, size, condition, and amenities of the vehicle.
With individuals doing so, together we are a vital part of aid efforts and can immediately fulfill critical needs from our existing network and data base in a moments notice with privately owned vehicles.

Interested persons can contact Sunshare RV’s Hickory Creek office via email at  972-221-2023